Monday, January 12, 2015

Getting back on the horse. The 2015 Berkshire Highlands Pentathlon

Happy New Year! Time to polish up those resolutions and t back on the racing horse.  First one up, The Berkshire Highlands Pentathlon!

First, I'm thrilled to have the whole crew returning from last year along with some friends that raced with me the first year. More than I love racing events like these, I love racing these events with awesome people. Every year the Pentathlon has grown, and with very year, so has grown the good vibes that come from so many awesome people that love to be in the outdoors, looking for adventure and friendly competition.
This is our "Lorde" game face. Intimidating heh!? 

 Second, I have a more 'awesomer'  support person on our team! Rose Della Fox McCarthy was born on October 23rd and will be 5 months old at race day, Rose is 1/4 Scottish, so you know she will be ready to tackle the competition while ringing some cow bell.
Wearing her pentathlon ready quilt!

Of course having a new daughter will present some training challenges. My time spent on the mountain has dramatically been reduced with most of my current training on the inside bike trainer. I suppose the limitations though may be blessing in disguise as I have had to focus on quality over quantity. I suppose we will find out on race day.

This will be my fourth year competing in the Berkshire Highlands Pentathlon as a Braveheart (2 second place finishers, 1-third place). I have often been asked how to transition between 5 events, what gear is needed and how to train. In my next post I will reflect on the 2014 race and offer some racing and gear strategies that worked  and did not work for me,

Time to get back to training while Rose is asleep!