Monday, June 25, 2012

Training Week 6/18-6/24

First week on vacation by the beach. You would figure being next to the ocean i would be able to get in more kayaking. Yet vacationing is hard work and after all the fishing, Portugeses Festival, wine tours, and a heat wave of several  95 deg days, i was exhausted. I need a vacation from my vacation. Overall though a productive week.

Monday: NADA
Tuesday: BRICK run 4.5, 10k Kayak race at the
              rows (see post)
Wednesday: NADA travel day
Thursday: Cycle: 41 total: 19mph total
Friday:    Cycle: 38 total 19 mph avg with Charlie
Saturday: Long Run relay training. 7.5 miles in the
               AM,  7.5 miles in the afternoon. 15 total.
Sunday:   20min barefoot beach run followed with
                 20 mins stretch.

Total: Run: 21.5 miles, Cycle: 79 miles Kayak: 6.1
Time in Training: 8 hours

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